Hammer mill in Pivering (Ziegenmelka hammer)
Hammer mill in Pivering (Ziegenmelka hammer)
Photo: © Z. Sohler/Dr. S. Rencz/www.metzenseifen.de
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This is a non-commercial site, based on data contributed by visitors and researchers. It has two primary objectives:
- The site serves as an introduction to the history and culture of twin Slovakian villages, Unter-Metzenseifen and Ober-Metzenseifen, both as they existed prior to 1900 and as they are now (The current names of the villages are Medzev and Vyšný Medzev) and the neighbouring town Stoß (Stos).
For the casual visitor, there are home page tabs accessing history, handicraft and cultural information, as well as travel and mapping data. These sections are freely available to all visitors.
- It provides support for genealogical researchers whose prior family history is associated with the two Metzenseifen villages. This includes access to birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Since the genealogical data base area also contains a listing of researcher names, addresses and areas of interest, access to this section is restricted for security purposes, to prevent spam and malicious email abuse. Serious researchers can apply for a password and login name by following the procedures in the registration section (please see the Misc. tab.).

Again, we extend our sincere thanks for the data and other information provided by earlier visitors and researchers.

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We remember family
Johannes Roth Family (1886)
Johannes Roth, wife Anna Shuster, and 4 of their children, Matyas, Robert (standing), Maria, & Adolph. Their son John is actually in the picture on the right but has faded out except for his feet and legs.
Genealogical calendar of Metzenseifen 1821
January 1821 
Events for 21. January
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Surname (Frequency )
Antel/Antl (18)
Balass/Balasch/Ballasch/Ballasz (17)
Benedik (10)
Bernath (3)
Bistika (4)
Bodenlos/Bodenlosz (15)
Böhm/Boehm (4)
Braun (2)
Bröstl/Brösztl/Broestl/Broestel (23)
Csilcser (1)
Czipszer/Zipser (1)
Edel (1)
Eiben/Eyben (35)
Fabian (11)
Filkorn (2)
Flachbart/Flachbarth (5)
Francz/Frantz/Franz (30)
Freytag (2)
Friedl (25)
Frind/Frindt (13)
Fröhlich (5)
Gallus (1)
Gaspar (5)
Gedeon/Gedohn (95)
Gloszner (4)
Goebl/Göbl/Göbel (26)
Grenczer/Grentzer (17)
Grollmus (1)
Herich (2)
Holop/Hollop/Holub/Hollup (10)
Hübler/Huebler (2)
Imling (2)
Klein (2)
Kleis/Kleisz (2)
Koosch/Koos/Kosch (10)
Kosman/Kozman (16)
Kovacs (6)
Krupitzer (6)
Kund/Kundt/Kundtz (16)
Lepesch (2)
Ludvig/Ludwig (2)
Meder/Meeder (17)
Millner/Milner/Muller/Mueller/ Müller/Muellner/Müllner (18)
Monich/Mönich/Munich (3)
Orient (13)
Paulitsky (1)
Pimsner/Pimzner (9)
Potra (2)
Progner (1)
Quallich (8)
Quirschfeld/Kirschfeld (4)
Reitz (7)
Rencz/Renz (1)
Repko (4)
Revitzky (2)
Roob (8)
Roth (1)
Schmidl/Schmiedl (9)
Schmidt/Schmiedt (15)
Schmoczer/Schmotzer (42)
Schneider (3)
Scholcz/Scholtz/Scholz (5)
Schurger/Schuerger/Schürger/Schirger (16)
Schuster (16)
Schwartz/Schwarz (10)
Sorger (4)
Starck/Stark (24)
Stefani/Stephany (7)
Stroempl/Strömpl (12)
Tache (6)
Tanczer/Tanzer (1)
Taub (6)
Teuerkauf (1)
Tischler (26)
Tomasch (20)
Tremko (1)
Vagner/Wagner (10)
Valenbek (1)
Vind/Wind/Windt (3)